'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

i'm a rock star

i was telling somebody today how in the bar the other night a coupla few of the tableful of lesbians that me and jen approached (in hopes of recruiting some singers) knew who we were, having seen the show.  and in fact i was recognized for my flannel shirt performance as something good, the object of desire who can fix your washing machine.  this bit of fame, it was suggested to me, made me a rock star.

not too many rock star moments in my life.  any more, or maybe in general.  i guess you take what you can get.

jeremy and katie came by on the way home from work to run lula up and down the street.  i did the dishes and swept under her crate and examined the mounting instructions for the ikea mirror i've not put up for probably a year since getting it, maybe more.  gee, i wonder how long until my dogiversary.  the dog's over a year old now.  i got her in march.

back to her now.  then maybe early to bed.  on clean sheets!  50 points.  :)
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