'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Monday after concerts. Still tired. :D

It's a good kind of tired.

LinkedIn thinks I might want to link to the H-bomb.  I clicked to read her profile.  Naturally, it's full of the kind of sharp, smart bullshit of self-marketing that's just right for such a site.  One item starts with "Spearheaded..." (unless I'm mistaken, not yet a stale old term in Employmentese).  Gotta hand it to her--- she knows how to put a shine on things.  Not that I think of that as such a valuable skill as I once did, knowing more about what comes along with it.  But like a lot of other products of misery and dysfunction, it has its uses.

Lula no longer eats breakfast, and that's resulted in me skipping it, too, it seems.  My belly is complaining.  I didn't get to settle down with a Kong of lovingly stuffed frozen mixed organic matter.

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