'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

and so it goes

i've got an appt with an orthopedist in about 2 weeks, and a new hypothesis about the nature of my knee problem:  pes anserine bursitis.  i didn't get any heroin from the doctor.  i was secretly hoping that by making jokes about getting heroin from her, i'd psychically magically get heroin from her.

i bet she doesn't even have any heroin.

on the playground, as i hobbled across it midday today, one kid on the swingset taunted another:  "you have a penis, and you stink!"  she went on to threaten, repeatedly, that she and unnamed others ("we") were going to cut off said penis.  swinging penis-haver spoke not but just kept swinging, albeit with notable vigor.

i was mostly struck that a kid on the playground used "penis" in taunting.  this would not have been the diction of any of my fellows back in my playground days.

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