'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

heavy, man

I'm still full from my first-ever meal at an Olive Garden®™, and that was many hours ago now.  And a long nap.  I came home from that meal not only stuffed and weary but bummed.  My psyche wanted me in unconsciousness more than my body did, and my body very much did.

I see the guy from down the alley with his Shih Tzu out there.  Just like Bob at work, the little one trots along slowly.  Sometimes the human has to walk back to it to encourage it to keep making its way in the world.

Got some freelance to get after; I have until Monday at 9 a.m.  Gotta finish up at least a complete if not a fully as-spiffy-as-can-be concert program, and figure out how to export it.  I found my long reach stapler, in case we do go with a stapling party, vs. spending the money to have the Kinko's®™ (or other copy shop) do the finishing work.

This morning was the rehearsal the chorus traditionally has on the Saturday morning of the weekend before the performances.  It was in a church near here that I'd visited once before, for a peacenik meeting.  Nice building.  The snow fell gently outside the big glass panels in the walls.  We got our first look at the drag a couple of singers will be in to open the second act.  That's lookin' to be pretty nice, that number.

I feel strange about it all.

Ach, can't be pondering it in sentences here just now.  Things to do, things to do.

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