'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

the project

I like having the project of doing the program for the chorus concerts.  It's challenging and a little intimidating to try to learn Scribus, the open source publishing app, when I don't really have experience to speak of in this sort of layout.  Particularly (it's challenging & intimidating) under the pressure of a (fuzzy but quite real if unstated) deadline.  I like learning new ways to use a computer, and having a project is usually necessary, as the hook.  Boy it's sucking some hours, though, this learning, and tweaking, and fixing.  I keep staying up too late.  And being very tired in the morning.  And not getting to work as early as I'd like, so having to work later, so being up with dinner & the dog later, so ....  Well.

Keep thinking of (this one of) the (many) thing(s) the alcoholics say:  Suit up and show up.  I think I get it.  I think I get some kind of grounded dignity of recovery in it.

It's a little like the "TCB", the groove of which I've long felt the notion of.  Or "of the groove of which I've long felt the notion," if you want to be, like Churchill is rumored to have said (or feigned, for [dry] comic effect) he was, someone who feels that ending a sentence with a preposition is an offense up with which you will not put.

I think I'm cut off on parentheses for a while.  They're not good for me, unless in moderation, and I'm seeing signs of an escalation, or maybe having trouble with the moderation.

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