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a collection of pinball machine names, and comments on Dick Van Dyke's book

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I've been listening to Dick Van Dyke's memoir in the car.  It makes me like him less than I thought I did.  It was really hard sitting through some of what seems like that veiled-to-us-whities benevolent racism in his depiction of himself in the '60s, for instance.  At one point he tells a story of a Blank Panther he knew, who was very political, but also sensitive and articulate.  Yeah, I shit you not.  He complimented his being articulate, and you can just hear the whole problem in his tone of voice.  Then he calls Rod Serling an early civil rights activist, and, being suspicious of him already, I heard that in the worst way.  Finally he speaks of having appeared with Martin Luther King and confesses that, knowing there were threats against the Rev, he (ha ha chuckle chuckle) leaned in his seat away from the man.  I saw him on TV shortly thereafter, telling the same story, and it's clear he thinks that's humorous, plus a brush-with-greatness connection to the famous & admired, such as he enjoys much, no doubt about it.

If it hadn'ta been for knowing he was going to talk about his alcoholism, I wouldn't have kept going.  And that part's infused with something annoying too, in most of it.  Dick Van Dyke's an asshole!  It's disappointing to have come to think that.

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