'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I broke out my paper journal last night.

Mainly cuz I wanted to note that I had clean sheets on the bed.  And had flipped the mattress in both directions.  And that I'd been thinking of changing the sheets more often in the new year before I finally clicked on someone sharing Woody G's old resolutions, which including changing the bedclothes (and a lot of other nice basic TCB self-care stuff).

Before I wrote, I didn't go back and read what-all else was in there, but when I was done I did go to the beginning and read a little.  The volume started in the middle of 2008, I think.  Things were lots different.  Yet a lot of how-to-live ideas that I'm always somehow thinking are new to me, or at least needing a fresh start, were there.  I'd bought the journal at the NYC Public Library gift shop while in the city to deliver Olivera to her new life.

crankyasanoldma and paperkingdoms, thanks for your comments on that last post.  E, I like the pix of your apt, too.  I don't think I clicked to indicate that anywhere.  It's a sweet place.  And K/cranky, I dreamed about you last night.  As I awoke I remembered what it was--- I was trying to persuade you about something.  But it's lost to the void now.  My sleepy-wakey self did think you'd find it funny, what my dreaming self was trying to get you to do (or not do, or think, or say, or w/e).  The mental note to report to you stuck, even if the dream didn't.

This morning, the 1st of the year observed (so off work), the snow had the dog so excited we had to go straight off to Buhr for some long leash.  I was glad I had my keys in my pocket.  She'd been crazy already, waiting inside for me to sweep the stoop/steps enough that we could go out and not leave tracks.

Her favorite snack during the earlier light, wet snow was footprints.  "Footprints?", you ask?  Yeah, footprints.  When you step in the wet snow and it freezes to ice and later she digs at it and breaks off a hunk of the frozen footprint.  And eats it.  :)

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