'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's been quite a few days.

Not since anything.  During which things.  I mean, I mean like "it's been quite a day," only for a few.  I took myself to the doc and got (after some effort filling it) a bottle of whack-strong cough syrup and orders not to work for 2 days, but I couldn't not work those two days, cuz Katie & I had to get the karaoke ready, and then there was the party.  And, sure enough, with my new cough-syrup sleep (and who knows what the prednisone's doing for me) (the dog's on in now too, which I think funny) (we're both thirsty and want to pee a lot)--- uh, with some sleep the busy party day wasn't so hard to handle, physically.  And the karaoke came off well, without me be too much of a controlling asshole about insisting people put in for some songs at the beginning.  I swear, though, I just want to say "Listen you people, in another x drinks you'll be dying to get up here and warble, can't you just do it now?  Don't make me beg."

But that kinda brings me to the rest of the evening, and this morning, which I'm not gonna talk about except to say wow, and whoa, and gee, and dang, and another whoa.  Had a good time sitting and talking to Lorrel over food today, too.  Then got the dog park in before dark, and the tired is finally catching up with me big-time.  Definitely an emotional aspect to the exhaustion.  As in having had an emotional workout.  This is not a bad thing.  But it's a thing.  And I'm thinking another hour or so with the pup, and a quick short walk, and then the mightay-mightay cough syrup & BED.

Unless I get caught up in The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

We have a sectional for altos tomorrow.  The first since I've been in the group.  I can't sing the top notes of an alto's range, and so am a bit of a fraud in that section for something besides my bad ear and trouble finding notes.  But I like them, and I like that there's a sectional, and I'm gonna feel funny about skipping out on them to try to be a tenor, if I do indeed do that soon.

After no thoughts of Christmas, I did today find myself thinking of gifts I'd like to give people.  Twice.  I don't think it's cuz it's Christmas, but I guess I could use that excuse.  :)

I may indeed make my goal of getting half the extra debt I ran up to get a furnace paid off by the end of the year.  Not as good as being less in debt that I was last Jan. 1.  But it was my goal, and not an easy goal.  I'm so lucky to have heat.  And a roof over my head, and a hut to hunker down in as winter cranks it up up here.

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