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This is for you, Peter.

Stalwart old-lj fellow, Peter A., you still do the year-end first-sentence-of-each-month meme, and I offer you my version in return.  It seems it does speak to my (very full and notably challenging) year; I see glimpses of major emotional players in there.

She is no more, but here is a poem of hers.

I just said the same thing on facebook, basically.

So far the moderator at the Nat'l Archives weekly caption contest (which I've been diggin') hasn't approved my caption for this week's picture, and s/he *has* approved some that came in later. 

o my
[puppy class tonight]

We're interviewing again at work. 

After a nasty hot day, the evening was lovely, with a breeze and some painter-worthy sunset to see, and then the lights coming on, in our only night game. 

[horizontal at last]

[Everything's an obligation.]
How can I change up that attitude?

I so didn't want to [meet with them] that when they ordered it---via emailing me, vs. anybody else on the ****** committee, why I got elected I don't know---when they ordered it, I got a sick feeling in my stomach, and really just wanted to go home. 

I know an instructor of French who has her students write a short piece about a character of their choosing. 

i notice a pattern in sensations i love

[long Hot Saturday Night shower, thinkin things over]
see how i slipped "hot Saturday night" in there?
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