'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

battles, big and small

I see today that a fat-pos blogger's efforts got an eating disorder group to stop associating itself with an anti-obesity organization.  That was nice.  And I'm following the Occupy stuff daily again, as the crackdowns (r)amp up.  Alas for the inspired/inspiring library at OWS, along with all the other "Alas"es for our losses big small medium, serious and dreadful, symbolic or very real or very often both. 

Here's the fetching Tiananmen-nod poster for tomorrow's big day in NYC:

Here, on the local level, with regard to workplace posters,  I can't decide whether I'd rather vandalize the idiocy in the title "LUNCH N' LEARN" or the "Battle the bulge" in a bullet point of featured activities (the bulge-attacking method, I believe, involves recipes).  So I guess I'll vandalize neither.

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