'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I maybe need to start thinking about a Halloween costume.

For me, not for the dog. I don't see Lula as the dress-up type. We'll see if she gives me any indications otherwise.

Putting together a Halloween costume by myself doesn't seem like much fun. I guess I've generally gotten Halloween-dudded with the assistance or participation or advice or at least witness of another/others. Except for the minimalist sort of thing I'll do as a token nod for the officeplace, for inst. This year I've been invited to a party at the home of some folks I don't really know (friends of friend) but at whose Halloween event several years ago I recall having had fun.

I hate to show up in a boring/minor/token costume. But I'm not finding myself very into the idea of costuming myself elaborately. Wanna muster enthusiasm.

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