'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

finished the freelance, with some more freelance in the middle

Can't believe how gobbled up the extra income has been, but at least it's been there to be gobbled up.

Money sucks.

Actually looked today at some of the "53%" postings by people convinced the right thing to do is to approximate a good self-image from "Look how much I toil and don't complain like you" + the large measure of superiority that comes with it.  Checking it out just gave me that sad, sinking feeling.  The Occupiers may be daring to hope, or just being so fed up they are gonna dammit do this; whatever-all it is, I worry about the movement being put down, or disintegrating through whatever means, but I'm glad it's happening.  I'm somehow really glad it's happening.  It doesn't give me that sad, sinking feeling.  It doesn't remind me of the sadder, sinkier part of our humanity, except insofar as it inspires---to whatever extent and in whatever ways it does---the impulse to knock it down.

But me, now, today, consumer, I'm about to buy more things for my dog to chew on--- though not (so could be worse, I tell myself) the oh-c'mon ridiculous level of the following:

3 sticks for $12.95 + shipping

1 "personalized" stick for $12.95 + shipping

I may shortly also click to have some shoe options sent my way, hoping to keep one pair.  Will they be these clunky slip-ons?

Slip-ons are good when you have a dog.

Speaking of, gotta get her outside now.  Good Saturday, or whatever day it is, to you.  Or whatever day it is to you.
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