'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

suggestive paper airplane

The top sheet having suffered the staining of a partial coffee ring, I tore it off the paper pad during this morning's meeting and folded it in half, then into a paper airplane, albeit a funny-looking one, since I'd folded it in half across its middle and then applied a plane-making algorithm I'm accustomed to using on paper folded the tall way.

As the meeting drug on continued, I looked at the flopping-open paper plane from different angles.  It had a floral or starburst thing, seen from one end, particularly if upside-down.  But laid on its top as if it were its back, with the point end furthest from me, it sure did look like female genitalia.  In fact, with a mere one additional fold, it had, between its labia, a bumping up clitoral area and a somewhat hollowed-in vaginal one.

Not everyone looking at it, I'm sure, would have thought of the comparison.  Some would no doubt have thought of the Virgin of Guadalupe.
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