'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

a good, full day

Just crated the dog with her pacifier, the nightcap of the times.  Lions on Monday Night Football at MR tonight, after rehearsal.  They won.  5-0.  It's a little awkward to have become at fan at the beginning of this year, but at least it was at the beginning of this year, not when they'd already shown they were breaking with the old hard times.

The Tigers didn't fare so well today.  I may be singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" on youtube soon.

Did a little repair caulking today.  Didn't get after the wisteria or the touch up painting or any of another many possible productive things for the part of the afternoon off after I'd taken the dog to the dog park.  But hey, I did do something in there.  And I got through the long day's obligations with a moderately tired canine and a kinda hyped human, and even petted the kitties in there.  And sat with them in the open windows by the computer this afternoon.  That's some great bonding, to me.

Also, sometime toward the end of my work morning, my sore knee made a cracking sound.  Several little pops.  I wasn't moving it terribly much at the time.  Then, when I stood, I was suddenly in a whole lot less pain in that knee that I'd been having.  It'd gotten pretty bad this past week.  It still hurts, and I'm a little afraid to hope it's turned some miraculous corner, but I hope that nonetheless.

Morning will come hard, with its production meeting, and my midday appointment.

The weather--- the unseasonably warm weather.  My my my.

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