'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Fat actress Uncle Tomming

I haven't watched her sitcom.  I did see her in Bridesmaids, doing a version of what she did last night on Saturday Night Live, only with butch overtones.  And I haven't yet seen every sketch she was in on SNL, but guess what percentage of those I have include yukking it up over her fat?

(You're right--- it was a rhetorical question.)

It's so dispiriting as it is, I'm not going to catalog the details thoroughly.  It's not like I have to make the case anyway.   Anybody'd know what I'm talking about.  Fattie can't walk up stairs (over and over).  Fattie pretends she can dance; of course she can't dance.  Fattie, stupid and with unrefined tastebuds, drinks salad dressing by the quart, pouring it all over herself (raucous laughter), spoons it off her shirt into her mouth, she's such a pig (they can barely contain themselves, guffawing).  Fattie is so stupid & unobservant she actually thinks someone could be romantically interested in her and doesn't notice (over and over) how disgusting that very idea is, how disgusted the reaction of others is.  Hilarious stuff like that.

When the queers started showing up, after a fashion, in pseudo-representations on sitcoms, something I read pointed out how we were going through what the first pseudo-representations of Black Americans had had to go through on TV.  Stereotypical crap whose first obligation was to play to its white audience.  I guess we did have a few moments that acted like they reflected the humanity of the people on Good Times, but only in a condescending way that almost seemed to be comfortable with the actually hard times the characters were (of course) in.

It's not like, with time, it ever settles into depicting the marginalized in a realistic way that's driven by the experience and point of view of the marginalized.  Maybe opens up to having Huxtables and then alternative (yet arguably pandering) just-for-"that"-audience programming.  But people of color are still very rarely just people, on TV, and queers even more rarely, and fatties--- well.  Women either, for that matter.  I hate TV this morning.

And I'm not real tickled with our Uncle Tom, either.

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