'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It really is getting nippy out there. I feel alive.

I know an instructor of French who has her students write a short piece about a character of their choosing.  Despite her making a distinction between, say, Ashton Kutcher and the character Ashton Kutcher plays in sitcom x, they sometimes still write about a "real" person (celebrity).  Somebody this time wrote about Queen Latifah.

Latifah, I pointed out, is rather a character, but point taken.  Still, it's hard to blame people on the what's-fictional front.

That's not about fall, I know.  Except it's fall semester.

About the chorus:  Looking at the music a little this afternoon at the piano, while the dog was too pooped from the dog park to complain, I felt both (a)  a tiny bit encouraged here and there that I may learn to hear & sing my line and (b) a great deal in doubt I'll ever get it, for some of the songs, or be able to sing most notes in the octave I'm supposed to be singing in.  When I'm trying to get the line in my head, I'm humming an octave lower more often than not.  No way in aitch ee double toothpicks I'm gonna do any better'n screech out those Ds and Es, and maybe those Cs, too.  And it basically hurts to sing notes in the higher end of what range I do have, for any length of time.  It feels good to sing lower notes.  But if I were to succeed in petitioning to sing a lower part, I'd then have to read the bass clef.  It's hard enough reading the treble.

I guess there's always lip synch.  Doesn't seem an awful lot in the spirit of the thing.  But I wonder if that's what the director was suggesting, as other possibilities, when he answered my query about dropping an octave by noting that such a move is one option.

Today is Saturday.

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