'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

had the day off, got a lot outta it

despite napping this morning, which, when i finally got around to it, felt dumb, for how long it took me to be tired enough to sleep once i lay me down.

it was an unseasonably warm day.  sunny, at the dog park.

didn't get in to the moth at the circus bar.  filled to capacity, with a hundred still in line. after a few more handsful were admitted, we got as close as fourth, fifth & sixth in the overflow queue, but gave up and wandered away, ending up at cupcakes, where we told each other stories.  and played a little kill, fuck, marry.   then went across the street to check out bongz and thongz, in the old liberty street video story.

my legs hurt.   standing on the metal grate of the stairs and platform, in my chucks, weren't easy on them.   but i think of the fortune i was sent today, after signing up for email fortunes twice a week from miranda july's site for the future:  You know how Jason Bourne keeps on moving, no matter what?  You should too.  Bullet to the leg?  Keep going.  Don't think, just go.

good luck,

i like a fortune that includes "good luck."

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