'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Going to the Grange

I hope I can work my evening so's to get to the talk at the Pittsfield Grange tonight.  It's about the tallgrass prairie in my more-or-less native Flint Hills.  I've been curious about the Grange.  Good excuse to check it out.

There's an optional potluck beforehand, and I rather like the idea of a half an hour of mingling with strangers there.  I am insecure about what I could procure to take as a contribution.  Fresh fruit is my no-bake default.  Me, I'm glad to find fresh fruit at such tables.

The screening of the new Miranda July movie that A2 Film Fest members were supposed to get into gratis didn't happen.  Seems the theater forgot it'd made arrangements for that time slot, and went ahead and plunked The Guard into it.  I guess The Future may not have met with lots of demand in its first few days. Now, with the Grange tonight, I have only the late show tomorrow to take it in.

Got two freelance things going at the moment. One quickie and one longer-term.

Need to see about taking some time off work, get some stuff done.

Have a quotation I want to make into an acrostic, too, I think.

But first, today, and, after working, going to the Gra-ange, ev'rybody, going to the Gra-ange, c'mon now...
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