'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I got a new library card.

Wore the other one out. Kinda sad to see it go---I'd memorized my number. 21621030570020. Knew it before one logged in with a user name. (I'm "[my first name]" at my library--- the reward for having been there at the git-go.)

And I'm at said library now. It's quiet in here today. Cool and quiet. No kids! What's up with that? I dunno, but I like it. Peter isn't here either, though. I half-expect to see Peter whenever I come in here. Always look for him, anyway. Get it? ALWAYs? (That's his other name.) (Perhaps few of you got that.) (Few of the few of you there are.)

Carlos made chili last night. I like that guy. I like him even when he's not making chili for me. He even did the dishes. That was good, as I wanted very much not to be on my feet any more, after the work (picnic prep and) picnic day, and then another trip to the river with the dog.

So here it is, a long weekend. Going to a restaurant called The Twisted Rooster tonight. Someone replying to the facebook posting in which this suggestion was put forth said he didn't know what that was but hoped it was a gay bar. Or maybe it was "Tell me that's a gay bar." But that wasn't it verbatim. Betcha a nickel Kelley knows what it was verbatim. That should be her personalized license plate, I swear to DMV.


Wouldn't you think the driver was cool?

(You'd be right.)
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