'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


Okay, that's a lousy title, but at least it's not the name of the blog. In fuzzy-dreamy letters.

I have two observations to share, while the dog digests a little. (I ran her pretty much out of steam this evening, I think, so I've got maybe 10 minutes before she's fully recharged.) (Okay that's an exaggeration.)

One thing that soap opera got right about its baby dykes who were hitting the sheets together for the first time: they went to bed on Monday and didn't get out of bed 'til today. Friday. That's about right, yes? [winky emoticon]

The other observation is that I'm sentimental about the gym. I was in there today for a blood drive---gave blood on the gym floor, which was half closed off, so while I was lying on my cot on my back, seeing a part of the place I'd never observed from that angle before (the rafters), the people walking the track above made appearances, and disappeared, and made appearances again. I recognized a couple of them.

That was in my before-dog life, my years at the Rec, which Kelley calls "the building," so I do too, in my mind/heart.

I decided to stop in the locker room to pee before I left. Just for old time sake. Pretty sentimental, regarding the toilet a sentimental journey.

I indulged a long, wistful gaze at the weight room though the glass as I was leaving.
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