'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I hate when this happens.

Have a seizing shoulder tonight.  It's a lot like the old chronic shoulder problem I had for years, before CPAP.   Took the bra off and it didn't get better.  I've finally caved and taken a (modest) pain pill.  Already was having the stiff sore knees thing today.  And the spate of damned horrid mosquitoes that have bitten me the hell up all week--- criminey.

This is surely a daily, mundane set of complaints.  Hardly anything worth noting, in the grand scheme.  But I'm noting it anyway.  The dog's crazy exuberance tonight hasn't been a welcome addition.  She got after the cat good once.  And outside she was yanking me and my painful shoulder around in the mosquito munchfest on my flesh.

Was gonna meet up with a friend tonight but cancelled.  It'd been her idea, but she wasn't all that gung-ho anyway, I don't reckon.

Got a file I hadn't realized was coming this weekend.  A file to proofread.  That's cool.  I need the bucks.  I can fit it in.

Mundanely, quotidianly yours,

Impatient with Pain

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