'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

danged newbies

At my job. They're good. And they're working like crazy. And I'm reading over their work. Took one day off feeling under the weather and now I'm buried in their output. How'm I supposed to post to livejournal, now that it's (maybe) up again, or explore alternate cable/internet options, or order a new long leash online? Let alone tell you about karaoke the other night, where I was thinking of singing "Rainy Days and Mondays" (and wondering whether I could be taken seriously) (cuz I would want to) (with that one) (not seriously as in a seriously good singer/voice, but seriously as in I'm not mocking this song) (people often seem to think I'm kidding when I'm not) but ended up singing "Easy" (by the Commodores), which I've had in my head off and on many times since?

I also could tell you about our last softball game of the year and the unsportswomanlikeness of a few bad-apple members of Sticks, the team from Ypsi's Aubree's, who added a bitterness to the taste of our closing match. A bitterness that lingered.

No time for the details, though, you few dear readers. Gotta get my nuked lunch (forgotten for the better part of an hour) and get back to't.

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