'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

tomorrow and today

I talk a lot about how I hate routine, but I've come to like and appreciate my Saturday morning routine. For tomorrow I consider altering it to attend a meeting of people seeking repeal of the nasty "Emergency" Financial Management state law. The meeting's at the Ann Arbor Community Center, which I've never been to and am curious about. And I could sign the petition there. I signed the one to recall the governor, but that one doesn't have as much of a chance, I gather.

I probably won't go, though. The wisdom of the new-ish usual will likely prevail. But maybe I will. It's good to make room for impulsiveness.

Early tomorrow afternoon I'm signed on to person (that's like manning or womanning) the info table at Pride. Might go home and get the dog and come back after my shift, so she can hear the queer chorus, since she often is barred from attending their performances by the species-ist policies of many an indoor venue.

And then I/we might stop by Bertoni's going-way-away(-to-China) party.

Tonight, blessédly, I am unscheduled.

Tracy's son is at camp today. This afternoon, sadly, they have to have one of their cats put to sleep. Hard not to think about the moment facing them all when the kid comes home. Or the ones between now and 2:00, when it'll happen, and at 2:00, and just after 2:00. And this evening.

He sleeps with this cat, does Daniel.

When she called to say she wasn't coming in, she was crying right away. Then soon after blurting the news, she said she wasn't going to cry, but knew as soon as she heard my voice she would. And then I had tears coming too, about the cat, and about how it's sometimes a very dear thing to make someone cry.

Me, though, today, I'll have an easy rest of the day at work, I imagine, with the current trainee out, so I can catch up with her and do some of my own stuff. I'll hobble & drive home in a bit to the dog and then back here and then back there. Have foodstuffs in the larder. Have a couple of repairs to attend to, and a mighty household project backlog. Hope to both use and enjoy the weekend.

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