'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I just ordered many stretched and dried penises.

They're lots cheaper online than in the store.

Taking me forever to get through the spreadsheet backlog today. And it's not even that much. I'm like Uncle Joe (who's a-movin' kinda slow, at the Junction).

Today's main task: how to fit in the dog, the afternoon appointment, the store, the dog, the Humane Soc volunteer gathering, and the dog. And some meals. My options for where the store and the meals go act as the main stumbling block.

"Decide once" is all very well & good (which expression means actually, as used, its opposite) (like "perfectly good" means, actually, less than perfectly good, if still quite good enough), but -- and here I don't know how I want to finish the sentence, which was going to be about sometimes it being hard to come up with one alighting of decision to begin with.

Profligacy. A bugaboo.

Was I profligate with the many penises? Pound wise and penny foolish?

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