'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

checked out the Saline dog park tonight

it's small, as these things go. 3 sides of fence and one side of river. no other dogs there, and then one family & dog, but when that dog proved scary to mine, they left. they were being sweet about not wanting her to be intimidated on her first visit.

she found a few toys there, and got as much as one paw in the river while drinking of it.

i have pix, but am too tired to deal with sharing them.

i think the dog's tired too. got her a new bully stick on the way home. she munched it pretty good, but now is fairly quiet, in her crate in the other room.

can't leave the windows open. 'sgonna be down into the 40s overnight. how about that?

had a headache much of the evening. out of excedrin at home, but had some in my little keychain pill thing, refilled after giving tracy one out of there recently. i went ahead and ate two, and am glad of it. got swollen glands going on in my neck, too. was thinking as i tried to let my jaw loosen while driving out of the parking lot by Pet Supplies Plus how i have a kneejerk desire any more not to lend too much attention to ailments. it's something about being single, and feeling a need to press on, press through.

glad there were no dog park disasters. that one is free, and in a pretty place. the local one with the permit required, we'll see. she's going to be one energetic mutt, at least in these early years. measures must be taken.

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