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Makes a girl feel like Goldilocks, this weather, after that of last week.  That is, it's never just right.

But that's not really true.  It was just right for a bit today, when I had long sleeves on.  But brunch \aut was COLLLLLLDd.

That doesn't work, does it.  That spelling.

Anyway I'm not shutting all the windows yet.  It's too good to feel in touch with outside like this.  But I won't be having them open overnight, I 'spect.

Took the dog to Pittsfield Green today.  That's what I'm calling the strip between those units peteralway lives in one of.  Peter, I'd have called you to come out & meet Lula if you were home, but I remember that you don't care for dogs.  We ran some, and for a change she didn't try to herd me, but mostly cuz she found a ball out there she was having fun carrying around.

Here she is in the taller grass-like stuff.   (Click on it for bigger.)  (Hey, might make good wallpaper....)

"I like the tall grass."

She's just been deciding she likes those ventures into taller groundcover.  I think a little about snakes, especially in the really tall stuff at Buhr, and on account of a woman I know in Kansas recently had her dog get snakebit, but mostly I let her explore.  On the leash.  Next up, perhaps, a longer long leash.  Will I go for the dog park at the end of the month (when I get her licensed and it lasts 2 years, vs. barely more than 1 if I did it now)?  Not sure.  Up in air.  See plusses and minusses.  But that dawg needs to run, off leash, and with dogs seems to be the way that happens most easily.

Maybe someday I'll have one of those ball chuckers, and I'll chuck balls, and she'll fetch 'em.

This coming week (which starts tomorrow) I'm shooting for a 40-hour workweek with early starts.  Trying to regularize a schedule with the dogs breaks and all.  Winging it so far often seems to mean using leave.  I'm thinking about this now cuz I'm thinking how I need to get myself to bed at a decent hour.  But I have company coming, for serious bizness, no not that kind of bizness, oh you weren't thinking that kind of bizness?, like that song Bizness TIme, with the line with the socks that cracks me up so?, oh well never mind then.

Yikes, gotta eat, and walk the pup again.  Don't tell anybody I'm playing Empires & Allies on facebook.  It's a war game.  There's some community planning and arranging, but it's mostly about battles.  It's what eats my time when I sit down here on a weekend afternoon, and it's why my laundry remains unfolded yet again still and almost always.

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