'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

late night redux

Dripping dry(-ish) (it's hot) from a late night shower.  I heard the heat will break in the next few days.  The combo of it and the mosquitoes has been getting to me, I don't mind saying.  Remind me to google around about folk mosquito repellents.  I have to be out there in it now, some, with the dog.

She was good tonight as I listened to a dear one pouring out a heart.  The dear one's heart.  I just put it that way cuz of the vagueness of "dear one."  Seemed like the way to go.  This dear one, wow.  Such pain we carry.  A long time.  Sometimes a long time indeed.

That's a little Dougie Howsery of me, isn't it.  Sorry 'bout that.  I wrote here a long time ago about Dougie's journaling and its lack of thought for the future reader (older Dougie).   So vague.  Worked only for the punchline of the night's show, not as a journal.

I'm gonna be so tired tomorrow.  Second day I'd have taken the morning off, but (a) it's so much cooler in the work a/c and (b) the boss is out tomorrow.  And then I have dog class.

Dog class is air conditioned.

I'm a wimp in this nth day of the heat, where n easily <10.  Just like a Michigander.

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