'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

put the dog to bed early so's to take a shower

gonna hang with her a bit a bit later, before a brief late night walk.

but now i've sat at the computer, and it's hard to motivate to activate the spigot, finish stripping clothing, get wet, wash hair.  i want to get to work early, though, what with softball and a softball potluck b-b-q (before the game).

thirsty.  what's that step that follows "note that you're thirsty"?

lulabelle has had some digestive difficulties, and was off her oats last night and this morning.  was none too eager to dig in midday or at night, but she did, in both those cases, eventually, and then cleaned her bowl as usual.  i spiked her food with "better" nuggets, too.  not sure what she may've gotten into; she keeps eating grass and dirt and sticks, but i also discovered today that she's torn open her (car crate toy) squirrely squirrel (from squirrelykat ); two of its feet are missing, and some stuffing appears to have been removed.

she did poop something oddly hard several days ago.  or was that weeks.  a while.  blows my mind i've only had her 2 1/2 months.  feels like less, and feels like more, sometimes, too.

this stuff don't make for the best blogging, i realize.

could be worse.  i could be taking poop pictures.  knew a woman in kansas who was obsessed with her own poop.  she did art about it, among other expressions of strong interest.  or i could tell you in (greater) detail about the poop-obsessed woman, and how her father used to leave used tissues in the recliner, and not used for mucus.

must stop gross blog talk.  must get glass of water, and take shower in other water.

water sign moon child.



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