'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

sleep helps, but

Ol' Tommy T & "Food is good, and sleep helps" (or vice versa).  I took advantage of the combination of a power failure that shut down our office yesterday afternoon & the dog's being tired after the vet's and meeting people at the office on their way out after the power failure to nap in the muggy evening of yesterday.  A long nap.  Hours.  Then took it easy mostly and slept another 6 or 7 hours overnight.  And coulda stayed in bed longer, had I not the obligations of this place & Lu.

Dandelions give way to tulips; the lilacs are poppin' fresh smelly; the grass is deep enough for the morning dew to make my feet wet inside my mesh tennis shoes.  The annual book fair Lorne comes to is right at this "gee, gotta get to mowing" time, every year, and I am ordinarily a little daunted to prep for his stay, though he's not at the house much.  Now, with dog, everything is harder.  All the planning and strategizing and taking advantage of a few hours here or there---  it's a kind of grabbed-by-the-collar engagement with life that I'm sure is good for me but that also surefire challenges the energies and kinetic spirit of your correspondent.

(That's me.)

(It's like I'm corresponding, see.)

Today Tracy is talking about going over to Mark's Carts, the new eatery option a short walk from MR.  The People's Pierogies option won't be up & going until the end of the month, but I'd love to stroll over there with her and grab lunch.  I'm low on frozen boxes in the work fridge and all, and it's a lovely day out there, the internet says.  Yet it's also puppy class night, and my midday long dog break combined with leaving early, ... well.  I lean toward no, but make a mental note:  must also plan and strategize for such takings-out-of-self for fun.  The semi-spontaneous ones are especially sweet.

I aim to have a movie outing this weekend, second cinema visit this week, and also to do A Whole Lotta Stuff around the house.  Can it happen?  Will it happen?  Why go right away to how I know I'll disappoint myself, no matter what?

I'm hungry.

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