'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's softball season.

Had our first practice tonight. It was a great night for it, despite a tornado watch; the storm skipped along either side of us. The opposite of tornado alley.

We got ice cream afterwards.

So there were only 6 of us. So? There'll be more later.

Some of our games this year will be at Vets. That's Veterans Park. Which isn't it the name of the old baseball stadium in Philly? Maybe baseball and football?

It's all I can do to stay up to walk the pup one more time. She drank a ton of water an hour ago, though. So I gotta. And I gotta anyway.

Things feel good, I'm thinkin'. Partly the weather, maybe. Partly the increasing faith in wisdom of the addition of Lula to the fam.

It's a fam. It counts.

The human part of the fam is zonked. Even when we go to bed at 1, she gets up at 7-something. And I lie there and "ignore" the barking, and doze off when it slacks off a little, but wake back up when she remembers it's barking time. So it's not like I'm really getting sleep then. Might as well become a morning person, yes?

Shocking, it is. The very notion.

G'night folks.

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