'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

okay, they've got me

As I was telling queerbychoice, I found it hard to maintain my usual "marriage-schmarriage" attitude when I heard about Del & Phyllis, who apparently didn't particularly care whether they were married but were just doing it for the young people, who'd asked 'em. I mean, how can you not be just a little touched by this?:

del and phyllis

And now I'm hearing tales of the camping out at the courthouse and looking at pix at this site and, no, I still don't think relationship status ought to convey any benefits in taxes, insurance, inheritance, etc., but I am touched nonetheless. All those folx standing up for their love. Makes me wish I were in SF just to suck up some of the energy.

But maybe it's just my own heartsickness. Or maybe I'm just hormonal. Right?
Tags: pix

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