'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Crap, that sorta-sandal I like the looks of is now available in my size.

Could lead to a whole round of shoe trying (charging & trying & sending back & maybe keeping summa). I'll need a summer daily walker besides my old tennies. And now I'm a Zappos v.i.p., which (so far as I could tell on quick gloss) basically means free overnight shipping (which they do as a "Surprise!" much of the time anyway) (must have a deal with the shippers).

[pic of sandal, unless no longer on zappo's site, yeah i'm stealing bandwidth

Really like this drop cap, I do, so I'm adding a paragraph here to say so, and to sing the praises of having toes exposed in the out-of-doors: it could be coming soon to feet near me. Whether I get new footwear or not. Just if I live so long, see. Y'know, you'd never know from this post how nigh-on obsessive I'm starting to feel about the rumblings of union/popular resistance, would ya. Nor from me facebooking about the hard-to-translate, or watching Man Vs. Food video (the dude was in town last year, it seems) between checking paragraphs for opening & closing quotation marks and going to refill my water glass.

Wonder how nice it is out there for a walk.

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