'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I must be in a good mood.

Such a relief to have the furnace thing over, maybe?

Kerri just sort of roundabout reminded me of "Eastern Shore Girl," a goofball variation on "Jersey Girl" I made up and my old Jersey girl liked (and Sandi did too). That/Kerri put me in mind of this one from not nearly so long ago. I think the most I've shared of it before is the chorus, with a woman I was maybe already no longer dating by then, when we were driving in Ypsi. But a little spontaneity seems to have cracked the surface here a few minutes ago, and I just sang this at my computer, as if someone might be listening.

It's better in the shower, I imagine, when my vocal chords are all relaxed, and there's all that feedback, and I'm really beltin' it out, in all of its conventional-structure glory.


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