'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

My water heater was half full of sediment.

Weighed around 300 pounds from all that. Took two guys to carry it out.

It also had valves and connections that were rusted/atrophied shut.

It dated to 1991.

I'd decided to have them replace it too, since I could get a discount while they were at it.

Seems like that was a good move.

Talking about deterioration and mending of home appliances seems like it should make me feel old, but it doesn't. Cuz I could be talking about aches & pains and that kind of deterioration, and that's the talk of even older people, sorta.

Too bad you can't just charge a new whatever for your body.

I got a lot of home work done today, sitting in here with the cats while the craziness went on in and around the house.

They had to cut the old furnace apart. The heat exchange on that weighed around 200 pounds.

There's a bit in Gregory's Girl in which Gregory's love interest tells him boys like to talk in numbers.

Hey, look. You can see it if you want.


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