'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Holly is deep into the last regular-coursework sprint of her life.
We're both worn pretty thin. Last semester and this, she has felt
little desire to do her usually pretty sharp job with the end-of-
semester papers, and procrastination has had a firmer hold than
usual. But, if today by 3:30 (despite getting only 3 hours' sleep)
she can turn out the remaining six introductory blurbs to the
articles in the anthology she's assembling (and for which she's
already written the introduction)---and if she can find a suitable
replacement for the one article she's now convinced doesn't fit,
and patch the intro. appropriately---then she'll have one of the
last two done and be able to nap a bit before writing the last
two-thirds of the paper due tomorrow at 5 p.m.

She's a bit of a wreck.

In happy news, I have her permission to get a Saint Bernard (if
we move somewhere with enough space). I always wanted one when
I was a kid, but my mother said (rightly) it'd be cruel to have
one in the Kansas summer.
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