'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Jessica Hische has finished her alphabets at Daily Drop Cap

Suh-weet, her work. I just love some. Check 'em out here any time you want a nice letter. Now with indexing!

I'll go out with the use of one, now that I've typed enough lines to get past my user pic in most places a person might be reading this post:

If there is one thing about the world of the printed word (including this new world of never-printed print) that has a real shot, just about any time of day or night, of up and delighting me, it's typography. I am aesthetically transported otherwise, yes, but the letters themselves, as marked, as designated, .... so funny, a visual thing for a conceptual thing for a sound that's part of a way of representing a word. I'm adding a handful of lorem ipsum dolorish text here now to make the "I" do what it does best, hanging there. I do wonder how many of you (besides Olja) (except Olja never reads here any more) are also sometimes tickled by letters themselves.
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