'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

blue jays

a couple of absolutely beautiful blue jays were just on my bird branch. the one who appeared first, in particular, had such gorgeous colors, and so many varieties of blue and purple with the black and white.

i remember when elana commented years ago, the first i'd heard of such a thing, that blue jays are hateful birds, nasty. it really struck me, not having thought of bird types and personalities in such a way. since then others have confirmed that the species is known for its "annoying" behaviors, particularly as we watch jays with other birds.

and here i see one perch and wiggle, its flesh roil a bit, and i'm awash with there is a beautiful one of god's creatures.

it may or may not be a blessing of any external source, but it's a blessing anyhow, to feel that kind of feeling, now and then.

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