'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

comp'ny's gone

Dropped her at the cement by the doors you wheel your bag through; drove back to town, got gas, came home. Got a little wistful smile at the sight of her shoemarks in my snow.

So cold out. A few days (of this cold) ago I checked the average temp graph/chart. It's on the 30th of this month that the mean temp turns upward again, going from 28F to 29, and on the 31st that the average high starts back up, from 30 to 31. I'm doing pretty well this year remembering, feeling inside, that it's not going to be this way indefinitely, though something about the frozen seems solidly so.

Have I told you how my kitten plays fetch? With her toy "springy-spring"?

She does.

Right now she's resting in the top of the cat tree, and Manny Festo is perched to my right on the desk, in a little spot just big enough for him he's taken to hanging out in. It's a good place for watching the younger feline's shenanigans without getting jumped on when he's not in the mood.

Quiet Sunday afternoon, belly still full from apple oat bran pancakes at the Northside, where it was Hawaii Day.
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