'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I'm looking at my neighbor's granddaughters, playing on a stump in the snow.

They're maybe 11 and 7, now. A very rough guess.

Trying to imagine what some of this reality may be for them, down the street at grandma's, 2 blocks from their aunt's. That has me thinking of yards and hangings-out of my childhood. So very far removed, and pretty fuzzy. Partly a good fuzzy. Outside was good stuff, more than not.

The game seems to be Queen of the Stump. It's providing a good bit of delight. Lotsa laughing, grinning, hugging, pushing away with butts. Each has reigned through several successive attacks, then seemingly acceded power peacefully, as if, say, 10 assaults and you're declared emerita, or there are term limits, or something like that.

That older sister has always seemed remarkably un-annoyed with the younger.

It's bright and sunny today, with a few poofy clouds grazing about the blue blue sky.

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