'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

the scoop on the poop, and some yammering about piddly stuff

My kitten, with her chronic diarrhea thing, had the send-off poop test, and I heard tonight she is positive for corona virus (a common pathogen, though the positive result also has a SLIGHT chance of indicating the nasty, nearly-always-fatal FIP) and for clostridium perfringens, a bacterial infection that is less common (especially in cats) but sometimes responds to something as simple as amoxicillin, which she'll start tomorrow, for, like 3 weeks. The Humane Soc vet hasn't seen a case before, so she determined the treatment by going online. That doesn't diminish my confidence in her, though. I like how straightforward she's been. She doesn't hide her ignorance, and that fact makes me trust her more. You know?

I just read a little about the clostridium bizness. The kitty doesn't seem sickly, even though she's getting over a cold. But she has been a farter at various times in her young life. Gassy. Little stinker. Flatulence is a symptom.

I'm not gonna read any more about FIP. That's a heartbreaker, from the whiff of it I got.

I got the call from the vet on my way out to play euchre, at which I won the loser money again, so ended up spending only 50 cents on the evening, and that only cuz I tipped the waitress upwards of 50% on my cherry Pepsi.

Picked up one last case of film fest movies today. Gonna endeavor to watch this set in less than the 2 weeks. Feels like I'm busy lately, but part of that is surely just that I'm not burning leave and taking days off right and left. Have to compact things into less free time. There's some kind of head game I am prone to involving pressuring myself, or feeling pressure where it isn't, or making pressure where I needn't. It's like I have a quick trigger for feeling overwhelmed, or being afraid overwhelming is coming, and I get overwhelmed at the prospect of it. Or I'm doing a dance with that possibility anyhow.

My annual gym membership is due, if I want the cheaper renewal rate (200 bucks). I'm pretty sure I didn't get my $ worth out of it last year, if it's $6/visit for county residents---that'd make it the 34th visit at which you're ahead for paying the year rate, and though most years I've surely beaten that, if perhaps not always by much, this was not one of them. But I just got new gym shoes, see. And if I have to hand them $6 every time, I suspect I won't go as much. Still, maybe I ought to try the piecemeal plan, just to be different.

I'm not gonna decide tonight, though. And when I decide, I'll decide once. :)

Now to finish assembling my potato salad. Hope the hard cooked eggs are cooked and not overcooked. Everything else is ready. I'm making potato salad in January to be perverse. And cuz I like it, and cuz I have a lot of potatoes. I may've overdone it with the pickle relish. Usually I just chop up some pickles, but after all the other peeling and chopping, I wanted a shortcut.

I need a good night's sleep. Too many short ones in a row. Was real hard to get going today, and though I got up on time I seemed less fluidly functional with the morning tasks, and ended up late to work anyway. I sure got a lot done last night, though.

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