'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

"Decide once."

Not like you can't decide otherwise later, if you decide to.

I just ate more of this honkin' thing of pineapple fried rice than I was hungry for. I was enjoying it, until I was, like, "Oof."

Now it's Monday afternoon and maybe a little late for coffee for this old lady, who's going to step away from the spreadsheets before she messes 'em up in her sleepiness and switch to possibly messing up mathematical prose.

Originally I typed that she thinks she's going to, but I changed that. Mightay-mightay is the decider! I decide to drink coffee too! I decide to put these leftovers in the Admin refrigerator and get Van (Houette) the coffee machine to pour me a late-afternoon cup!


I've been calling him "Van" as a joke, as if that's his first name and I'm that dumb an American, but I decide now that, stat, I am going to start calling him "Albert-Louis," cuz it turns out that was his first name, and I want to make those French shapes with my mouth when I address the machine each day. al-bear l'We, merci.

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