'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

People hate Matt Damon.

I don't hate Matt Damon particularly, but I know more than one person in whom his acting appearances in movies provoke notable negative sentiment.

Me, I hate Kevin Spacey, I realized today, seeing some movie of his is coming out. And Nicholas Cage. I hate him too. I have a definite distaste for Kevin Costner, too, though I love Bull Durham despite him (like digging Moonlighting despite Cage). The idea of doing a "10 Actors I Hate" list crossed my mind, but only briefly.

The office closed at noon today for New Year's.

Trying on shoes this weekend. Lunch with squirrelykat in a few. She's considering joining facebook. Not being on facebook has become more of a distinguishing feature of a person, in a way, this year.

Happy end of the soon-to-be old year, all.

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