'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Is that a bomb strapped to me, or am I just taking a sleep test?

They forgot to tell me I needed to bring my machine to the sleep lab tonight. So after a little back & forth they were cool with me coming home to get it and returning. On the way out of the parking garage I used mad skills on the booth chick--- mad skills of catch-more-flies-with-honey, perhaps honed in being utterly accepting of the sleep lab bollixing my instructions---and I got a pass to get back in & out of the structure. This is no small feat, I am given to understand, at the U Hospital parking garages.

One of the oddest and (oddly) most futuristic elements of the sleep lab is the way you get off the elevators into the lobby and announce your presence to the intercom in the ceiling. You talk to the air, basically, and then it answers. With the coming and going and coming and going tonight, I had to (got to) do that twice. The second time I was all set to "Lobby to Control Room, Lobby to Control Room, Mission Control, this is L*** N******," but I didn't get it all out, as there was some dude sitting in a chair with a look like he'd misplaced his sense of humor in the '80s, and anyway they answered me after the first "Lobby to Control Room."

Good news is: no gunk in hair with electrodes on the home test. But I did have to traipse back through the hospital with all this stuff strapped to me, most prominently the box in the middle of my chest. With a blinking light on it. On the way home I wished I needed a convenience store, cuz I could probably have walked out of one with anything I wanted, just by making vague threatening references to possible explosions. If I worded it carefully enough, I could later claim misunderstanding, see. Maybe not the perfect crime....

Speaking of convenience stores, Ann Arbor's about to get a 7-11--- right on State St, pretty much right across from the end of the Diag. There's also a Panera Bread on North U there now, and the drug store planned around the corner, near the Buffalo Wild Wings. National franchises are kind of a bummer, cropping up there in such numbers. I hear there's also a plan for a burger joint that started in Baltimore and isn't real big yet.

One thing about the chains that seems somehow regrettable to me is the way we talk about them by brand as if the brand is a common noun--- cuz it sorta is. We were talking at the office today about the news that there's chromium-6 in the local drinking water. I suppose I could talk about that, but what made me think of it right now is how I said how good the water from that Detroit area source that feeds all the way to Ypsi is, and it's the one that supplies the IHOP on Carpenter. It's really good drinking water. Ours tastes okay, but *that* is good water.

So somebody wanted to know which IHOP.

There's an IHOP there, and a McDonald's's, and a Red Robin, and a Bob Evans, etc. You see what I mean. Their names are names for their type, which they themselves embody.

I'm way to tired to be trying to write this. On my pre-sleep questionnaire a few minutes ago I said I was "a little" tired and "quite a bit" sleepy.

One of the best things about the home sleep test is that you don't have to try to fall asleep by 10, and nobody wakes you up at 6.
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