'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Mark Maynard linked to Amy Goodman interviewing Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges used to work at the NY Times, but he stopped playing ball when the rules got too disgusting to obey.

He has a new book out, Death of the Liberal Class, in which he delineates the corruption/undoing of "the primary pillars of the liberal establishment, those liberal institutions—the press, labor, public education and, in particular universities, culture, liberal religious institutions and the Democratic Party—that have been under assault."

Here's one salient hunk of the interview:

"And what we are watching is an even more craven attempt on the part of the White House to cater to the forces that are literally destroying the United States, have reconfigured, are reconfiguring this country into a form of neofeudalism. And all of the traditional—the pillars of the liberal establishment, that once provided some kind of protection and, more importantly, a kind of safety valve, a mechanism by which legitimate grievances and injustices in this country could be addressed, have shut tight. They no longer work. And so we are getting these terrifying, proto-fascist movements that are leaping up around the fringes of American society and have as their anger not only a rage against government, but a rage against liberals, as well. And I would say that rage is not misplaced."

Worth the read/listen.

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