'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I find myself hopeful about my cooking prospects.

Having to make chicken for the kitten got me to thinking I ought to try to eat as well as they are, or to spend as much time on my meals as I do on theirs, I don't know why, I just thought that. (Don't ask me what it is with the intentional comma splice, I just know I've been prone to it lately. Some kind of style thing. Opposite the fragment thing. Both possibly annoying, certainly in excess.)

So my experiment with "pineapple rice bake" is almost ready. It's among the recipes I got when playing with the USDA recipe finder. That site gives not only the how-to but the approximate cost per serving and per recipe, AND the nutritional content, served up in one of the form of those "Nutritional Facts" labels like you see on packaged foods. Here it is for the pineapple rice bake:

[pineapple rice bake nutritionals]

I'm making only 3/4 of the recipe (give or take). We'll see if I adjusted everything correctly. I'm using brown rice, too.

USDA estimated cost
Per Recipe: $ 1.95
Per Serving: $ 0.32

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