'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

went to the dance, not lookin' for romance, didn't see barbara ann nor think i'd take a chance

and i'm sore (sore sore, sore-sore sore sore)
and I'm sore (sore sore, sore-sore sore sore)

That's if we're continuing with the "Barbara Ann" theme.

The dance was after bowling, at Frenchie's in Depot town, and though I'd called myself "doubtful" on attending, there I was. After cutting up brush in the cold much of the afternoon & bowling 3 games, I was fairly spent already. Found the gumption, but gonna be stiff in the morning, I bet.

Maybe some prophylactic aspirin or ibus are in order.

Lorne's Christmas card came today. It bears an altered image of his business logo, the labor-woodcut icon letting his sledge hammer rest while he holds up a book--- on the card, a tree has replaced the hammer, and lights are draped over his Santa-hatted figure. You can still see all the Tom-of-Finland chiseled-y glory underneath, however. Inside the card, before the wishes for Happy Holidays from our comrades at the book biz, is

"Property is theft." -- Proudon


When his book biz was a brick-and-mortar operation, it was called Satisfied Mind.

Here's one of many versions of that song for ya.


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