'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Well, I got gas.

It's Friday evening. So, where are we, Lisa? Well, Lisa, I need to cook some more chicken for the kitties sometime soon; sell-by date tomorrow. Was so sleepy this afternoon, however, that as I'm think about my weekend, and since I still have my shoes on, I'm *this* close to heading back out, to the gym, which I ain't been to in forever. I wanna do that this weekend, and maybe now's quite a good time to do that. By the time I get my bag ready, rush hour will have died down.

I don't give good blog any more, do I. Mostly it's this kind of crap. Modified diary (smutty parts redacted) cum grocery & errand list, with---for icing on the cake of boring---weather.

Willie liked the escalator video, though. That's enough of a raison d'etre, if you figure you mostly exist whether you have a reason to or not. How this pertains to providing content, as a Web Content Provider, who knows.

Maybe there's a parallel between how it feels as if there are fewer people out there and how I feel more solitary in the world. Or there is a parallel, and maybe there's another kind of relationship between the two. Or two. Kinds. Or more.

Manfred's growling at Mo. She's not even messin' with him. Last night at euchre there was a sibling pair (not T & her sis) in which indications of the younger child being tormented by the older one were really starting to piss me off. Not that Manny's doing that. Just, you know. It's stream of consciousness, and the river bed, while possessed of many a well-worn rut, is nonetheless wandering.

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