'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

the model train club; the kitten chicken; the pesky boob

There's a model train club in Dexter. They meet in an old train depot. They have train tracks laid out with all kindsa miniature model stuff by the sides of the track. First Wednesday of the month they have a visitors' night, or any Wednesday you might catch 'em there, if the light's on come on in.

Started my kitten (and cat) on chicken tonight. She not only doesn't have worms; she doesn't have giardia. Gonna try a dietary change, plus an aspirin-ish drug, and she got a shot of B12 at the office today. Poor thing has had mushy or runny poop her whole life, pretty much. Not that it seems to bother her. She's also a farter, as previously mentioned (recall the trying on of "Stinky" or "Stinker" as a name).

Me, I think a spider bit me. Something seems to have. On a boob. Yesterday I dutifully drew a dotted line around the red patch surrounding it, then another when it spread a little further. Forgot about it today until a few minutes ago, when I had to draw another dotted line, as it'd spread a little more. And the ground zero spot is now pretty much purple, as well as swollen and hard. Poor thing. If it's worse in the morning, I guess I gotta call about whether to take the boob somewhere I'll be glad I have health insurance.

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