'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I'm a relative ingrate.

At the moment I am, that is---according to this online gratitude indexer (with scoring info here, and some technical info on the scale here).

It was the last question that sunk me: "Long amounts of time can go by before I feel grateful to something or someone."

The catch is in the relativity of "long"--- plus the "can" in "can go by." Cuz, if what can seem like a long time just needs to occur like that occasionally... Well. When I'm acutely sad, or bereft, or depressed, 5 minutes of that (very ungrateful-feeling) time feels pretty doggone long.

At least the PTSD group isn't more grateful than I. When you allow for the standard deviation.

I woulda thought I'd have scored more grateful, to tell you the truth, having been concentrating lately, with some intent, on what there is to be thankful for, whether a holiday with such associations were about to be here or not. Particularly because I answered with definite agreement that "I have so much in life to be thankful for," thinking of advantages and privileges I have aplenty.

Any of you (dear few out there) (for whom I am thankful) wanna tell me how you fared?
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