'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

10 more movies to go.

I've spent much of this chilly Sunday doing my procrastinated homework, prescreening festival films, this time by streaming video. It's not just the time change and the weather change that make it feel later in the day than it is. Also I got up early, for a Sunday. Also it's just all quiet and solitary, between movies.

I liked a Finnish short most so far, of these, I believe. In general I seem to have a pretty good chance of being enamored by a Finnish film, based on the sampling of Finnish film that's made its way to me, with me knowing it's Finnish.

I've also stopped by my town in CityZen off & on to collect business proceeds and expand development.

I'm running through these app games awful quick any more. That source of drug may dry up soon.

Made a sort of fajita sub for lunch out of leftovers from dining with McG last night, after meeting up for a little catch in the park. I saw Graeme, our Executive Ed, out walking there. I did a little walking before Kelley showed up, but I'm really pretty notably stiff, after the yard exertion Friday and the general sedentariness otherwise. And maybe effects of medication.

Speaking of medicine, the kitten has done a little better with syringes of the (I take it) yucky tasting, these last coupla times. I guess I gotta dose her again tonight. And get the trash out & all. In these slippers? Maybe not.

The kitten's pretty farty today. She really is a stinker. A cuddly stinker. A stinky cuddler.

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